Statute Law

This area of the Statute Law Register lists all of the current laws enforced by the White House.

Recent Legislation

Secondary - Stage 7

#21050640 - Executive (DDoPE Removal) Order 2021

An order to abolish the position of Deputy Director of Public Engagement.

Sponsor: --Maxitaxi-- Dated: 06/MAY/2021

Secondary - Stage 7

#21050399 - Code of Conduct (May the Fourth) Order 2021

An order to waive certain provisions of the Code of Conduct Act in celebration of May the Fourth.

Sponsor: --Maxitaxi-- Dated: 03/MAY/2021

Secondary - Stage 7

#21050392 - State (Alliance) (KoH) (Termination) Order 2021

An order to terminate the existing agreement with the Kingdom of Habbo

Sponsor: --Maxitaxi-- Dated: 03/MAY/2021

Secondary - Stage 7

#21050276 - Judicial (Clerk Removal) Order 2020

An order to remove the position of Clerk of the Supreme Court

Sponsor: Justln. Dated: 02/MAY/2021

Secondary - Stage 7

#21043072 - 40th Presidential & Vice Presidential Election

An order to initiate the 40th Presidential and Vice Presidential Election

Sponsor: ,97 Dated: 30/APR/2021



Random Act


Employment (Legality Clause) Act 2020

An Act to amend the Employment Act 2019 to restructure its legality clause

Sponsor: jolo68