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This area of the Statute Law Register lists all of the redundant pieces of legislation. Legislation here have either been repealed, vetoed, or deemed unconstitutional.

Random Pieces of Void Legislation

Primary - Stage 6V

#09032068 - Government Bill

An Act to replace Executive Act in providing provision regarding governance of the Habbo White House, the Executive Branch and its officials.

Sponsor: WH-DeletedUser-63 Dated: 08/APR/2020

Secondary - Stage R

#15111991 - Digital (Regulatory Powers) Order 2019

An order to adjust the Director's website regulatory powers.

Sponsor: Aaron.5D Dated: 15/NOV/2019

Secondary - Stage R

#13101960 - Legislation (Transitional Powers) Order 2019

An order to provide for temporary transitional powers until completion of the 2019 Congress reform.

Sponsor: --Maxitaxi-- Dated: 13/OCT/2019

Primary - Stage R

#20070651 - Prosecution (Impeachment Transparency) Act 2020

An Act to increase transparency within the DoJ with respect to impeachment proceedings.

Sponsor: --Maxitaxi-- Dated: 30/JUL/2020

Primary - Stage 7F

#02042020 - Prosecution (Serial Offense) Act 2020

An Act to classify what is considered a serial offense.

Sponsor: Clarus Dated: 29/APR/2020